All opinions are purely my own

Pardon my hesitant start but this is my first attempt into the field of internet blogging. It is clear that there are some excellent teachers and practitioners in the blogosphere who are writing extraordinarily insightful and engaging pieces. These blogs are not only informative but indeed offer support to other teachers. At least we know we are not alone – there are others who are also thinking, questioning, challenging. These writers also offer a  valuable commentary on the state of education in their own countries and touch upon universal themes that cut across classes and borders which we can all relate to.

I can’t pretend that I will be adding anything more insightful to the conversation. I just see this blog as a possible way that I can make more public my own internal debate around my work as an educational practitioner after more than 25 years in the business, as well as the wider issues, as I see them, as a specialist teacher of children with autism, complex  needs and severe learning difficulties.

Of course, it goes without saying that everything I intend to write will purely be my own opinion. It does not and nor will ever represent any institution that I might be connected to, nor will I ever refer to any child I have ever taught or adults I have ever worked with. However I do hope that what I write will be of interest and, in time, it will be interesting enough to be worth reading by others.

Until the next post….



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